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Write Your First Life Story in 30 Minutes

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My Signature, Fill-in-the-Blank, Story-Telling Template Will Help You Get Your First, Highly-Engaging True Story Written And DONE by the End of This Workshop!


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-- Anne Marie Talon | Artist

Your Life Story is Powerful. It Needs to Get Told and I'm Here to Help You Take the First Step...

In this FREE workshop, You'll Discover:

  • Why it is SO Important for You to Listen to that Small Voice Inside Calling You to Share Your Story (This Means You Won't Feel So Crazy About Following Your Dream--Even if Noone Has Ever Said "You've Gotta Write a Book!")
  • The #1 Mistake Most Would-Be Writers Face When It Comes to Choosing their First Story (Knowing This Will Make it Even Easier to Choose Your First One)
  • Exactly Which Story to Choose (and NOT to Choose!) to Write About First (So That You Break Out of the Overwhelm and Decision Paralysis That Has Made it So Hard to Get Started)
  • My Step-By-Step, Signature Process, Which Makes it Extremely Simple to Write Your Life Story in a Way that Instantly Makes Readers Curious to Read More (HINT: It's Almost as Easy as Answering Mad-Lib Questions Except You DON'T Need to Know a Verb from an Adverb)
  • A Ground-Breaking Approach to Getting Even More of Your Life Stories Down in Writing (Even the Hard and Emotionally-Charged Ones)

Hi, I'm Wendy! 🤗 I'm an #1 Best-Selling Author, Serial Entrepreneur and Creative Problem-Solver.

I have been helping people get their life stories down in writing for nearly 20 years (since I was an undergrad at the University of Chicago studying judgment + decision making helping one elderly man write about helping Albert Einstein find his pipe!).

My entrepreneurial "get-a-helluva-lotta-sh*t-done-fast-but-well" approach helped me get my bestseller written in 6 weeks flat (with 4.5+-star reviews, while pregnant and parenting a toddler!) 🤯

Now I'm simplifying the hell out of helping you get YOUR life stories written because I believe that if you're feeling the calling, it's because you're being divinely guided and it's MY purpose to help you step into YOUR greater purpose on this planet. 😍

If you're pickin' up what I'm puttin' down, then sign your butt up for this workshop, my dear!

I promise I'll make it worth your time. 💖

"Working with Wendy was a total game-changer for me...She was a genius at helping me focus on just one small step at a time and she saw where I could go as a reality before I even knew it was possible." 

Amanda Blaine

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